Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Want to See Something Weird?

This is our cat, O'Malley. He is fascinated by toilets, and bathrooms in general.

He does not want you to...uhh..desecrate his water bowl. No sirree Bob.

So much that, he hisses at the kids when they go in to the bathroom. (this is their bathroom.)

I decided to take pictures of O'Malley before I removed him, so that way Tiger could use the bathroom. He will hiss and start clawing the kids if they try to move him off the bowl. Not me, though.

And now he is ignoring me. We love you, O'Malley. You toilet loving freak.


Miriam said...

Hahaha!!! I bet if the kids start using the sink, O'Malley wouldn't have such an issue with letting them into his bathroom... just a thought!! You're awesome! -M

Jennifer M. said...

Lol. That's hilarious! It's his bathroom now!! (At least he thinks so.) ;)