Thursday, January 21, 2010


I have a question I wanted to ask my readers.

As most of you know, I work from home. This is not something I do in my spare time, it is a full time with a real honest-to-goodness company, that pays me hourly. I work at least 40 hours a week. I also receive benefits, bonuses, and pay taxes. It's a real job, it just happens to be in my house.

Here is my dilemma. What can you possibly say to people who do not respect the fact that this is not a daycare, or a place to hang out, or to have their packages delivered while they are at their "real jobs?" I have one neighbor who sends his daughter over here EVERY SINGLE DAY for at least three hours, and this is while I'm working on the phone. She is not a quiet child. She screams, she laughs, she picks on Bucket relentlessly. Mr. R's mom calls me all day long to tell me about what she bought at WalMart, what she made for lunch, how often she poops. <--- I wish I was kidding. But alas, I am not. Mr. R's friends call, or stop by, "I knew you were home. What's for lunch?"

I've sent the girl home numerous times, and even written the girl's father a note asking him not to send her over until 5pm. It worked for a while, but now we are back at 3:30. She's lonely, she's bored, and there's plenty to do here, and so she keeps coming back. Part of me feels sorry for this only child who has no one to play with...the other part wants to charge her father for my time.

Wednesdays are pandemonium over here. The kids get out of school one hour early, and so Missy is here by 2pm, and the boys by 3pm. I kid you not, by 3:15, there are ten to fifteen kids in my house, and I am still working. Oh, and they're always "starving" too. Funny how that works out.

Mrs. R's mom...I can't fix that. I've asked her, multiple times, to please call me after 6pm, unless it's an emergency. From what I gather, a sale on Cheetos at the Winn Dixie is an emergency, and I must be told, right away! Along with the color, smell and consistency of her BMs.

I wish the solution to this is an office with a door, but I am all out of rooms with doors. Do I become the WITCH of the neighborhood and stop letting the kids come in while I work? After all, I don't send my kids off to work with them! Or do I accept that this is a downfall of working from home and just accept it?

And should I give the senior Mrs. R the number to the nearest colon rectal surgeon, just to see what she'll do?


Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

This is going to sound horrible, but get caller ID if you don't have it and don't answer the MIL's calls during work hours. She can leave a message on the answering machine about the latest Wal-Mart markdowns.

Do not allow neighbor kids in the house before 5. Period. Just don't let 'em in and tell your kids there will be penalites for disobedience. And stick to it. If the want to hang out, they can do so in the yard or the garage.

Tell the kids to pop some microwave popcorn and take it out there (I'm a softie for "starving" kids). Lock the door and have your kids use their key if they, and they only, want to come in.

And stick to the boundaries you set.

Sarah R said...

I like the garage idea, Terry. Very intriguing, indeed.

I do have Caller ID. Unfortunately, she has blocked her number so it comes up as "unknown" which is also what some of my patients, insurance companies and doctor's offices have, and so I have to answer it. Tis a bummer.

mom2nji said...

I agree with Terry. You have to hold fast to your rules here. She can't come play until you are no longer working. Write a note for the door: Please do not knock or disturb between the hours of ...
As for his mom, wow, the poop is a bit much. I have no idea how to stop these calls unless you pretty much hang up as soon as you know it's her.

Sarah R said... kidding about the poop. I don't understand why old people like to talk about this. Does anyone know?

D'Rae said...

I agree with the first idea. You have to stick to your guns and not let them in. You are not responsible for the other children when you are working.

Hmm... maybe you can have the telephone company block her number? I know that's a bit harsh... maybe when she calls, you can pretend you have another call on hold so that you can get off the phone faster?

Michelle said...

Girl. I would lay. down. the. law. Especially with the little girl's father. That is simply ridiculous. I have sympathy for situations like that, but this man is taking advantage. Seriously.

And yes, I like the idea of the garage and lock and key as well. Just not the loud little girl! ;)