Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Job Update for the Hubby

In a nutshell, Mr. R gave his one week notice, and the jerk fired him the next day.

Blessedly, Mr. R is back at his old job. They never even took him out of the computer. Just gave him the keys back to the same truck, and told him they'd have a load ready for him on Monday. So Mr. R has the rest of this week off, which I LOVE. My honey-do list is longer than the length of my arm, and he's been game so far. In fact, he is taking the boys to a podiatrist appointment today, so I don't miss work. Frankly, anything having to do with stinky teenage boy feet, I will gladly take a pass. Bucket has plantar warts, and Tiger has one of the worst ingrown toenails I've ever seen. He had surgery on his other foot before, and now it looks like he's going to need it again. Sigh...

I've just been keeping busy with mountains of housework, homework, and work. That's a lot of work! Tonight is supposed to be a stormy night here in Florida, and so I'm hoping we can work on the Christmas decorations inside the house. I'll take pictures when I'm done!

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Kelly said...

I wondered how long it would be before he went back to his old job. I'm so sorry the local one didn't work out.

And yeah on having him home for so long!!