Monday, October 6, 2008

This is Not Intended to be Naughty!

I just wanted to share a pic with all, to show how long my hair is...and it turned a booty shot. In my defense, at least it's covered. And my hair looks fabulous. So it's getting posted!!!

Again, someone needs to remind me to clean my mirrors before I go taking bathroom pics. And as usual, I'm wearing a red shirt. So??? I stick with what works!

Oh, I just saw something. First of all, that's a bottle of shampoo, ok? Don't be asking me what I'm up to when Mr. R isn't home! It's SHAMPOO. In fact, it's Dove, and I took it out of my shower to bring to the kids because my hair was too thick and it wouldn't lather in my hair. That's why it's sitting out there. Second, yes, I know I just posted that thing about how I clean my bathroom on Thursday, and it's already a mess. I share it with a 13 year old girl, ok?!? She has more products and supplies than I do.
** rant over**


Miriam said...

holy moly girl, your hair's almost as long as mine is (and a zillion times thicker!!) it looks awesome!! I think you should grow it really long and then get a cute summer 'do next season and donate the leftovers to Locks of Love...

Miriam said...

oh and duh... nice booty... (I say that as a former roommate, nothing dirty... but wear those pants more often, my friend)

Sarah R said...

LOL...I was self conscious about the tush all day!
Oh, and I just turned in the revised homework to my prof. Here's to another A for Sarah!!!

I actually cut off all my hair in 2006 and did donate it to Locks of Love. This is two years worth of growth.