Monday, September 22, 2008

Never Mind Me, Just Pray for my Boss

Remember my boss who I told you about several months ago? She is currently pregnant, almost 8 months, due on November 9th. Well, she was just in a serious car accident, a hit and run while she was picking up her son from school. Please pray for her safety. As we were talking, she was being loaded into the ambulance. I could hear her ten year old son crying. I asked if she wanted me to run down there, and the phone cut off. Now she's either not answering her phone or has turned it off. I have no idea if her son or husband was injured. This car she was driving was her only vehicle, and they are going to have a baby in a month. I know she will not have the money to replace her car. So please be in prayer about her health and her finances, as this will not be easy on her.

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