Sunday, August 24, 2008

Awful. Just Awful.

I promise you, peeps, that I generally don't log on to bitch and moan. But considering the past few days I've had, coming on here to blow sunshine up your butts would not be authentic.
We did lose power on Thursday, while I was working. My children were on their third consecutive day missed from school. I was unable to post my work to my online class, and since I hadn't saved it yet, I lost my entire presentation. Then, we got rain. May-jah rain. About two feet. Thankfully, we live in an area that doesn't tend to flood. But then, we heard this awful wail in our front yard. It was our dear cat Hemi. We had tried to find him before the storm, but he was hiding somewhere. Tiger ran outside to pick Hemi up, and we knew he had been badly injured, but we couldn't figure out where, as there was no blood. And with the weather being so bad, we couldn't go to the vet. We wrapped him in a warm towel and snuggled him, but to no avail. On Friday morning, Hemi passed away. He was only two years old, a young cat. So in the middle of a tropical storm, I had to dig a grave. By the way, when sand and soil gets wet, it's heavy. Did you know that?
So while my children cried over the loss of their beloved pet, I did my best to dig a giant hole in my yard, with my busted shoulder. Of course, Mr. R was on that great run to Oklahoma. Then I packed up the children and went to my mom's house for some air conditioning, showers, and mindless TV.
On Friday night, my boss Nicola called to tell me that one of my accounts from work was being flagged for being denied. This is a huge deal. Three denials and you're fired. This is only my first one in 6 years, but to be told this after all I had gone through, I about lost it.
On Sunday, I finally had power, but my cable and internet was not working. So I had to call the cable company, and they sent someone right away to fix the situation. Turns out my modem was fried. So, as of Sunday evening, we have power, water, phone, food, air conditioning, internet, and plus I just got my period. I'm two weeks late on assignments from school, I have to work extra this week to make up for losing two days last week, and I have cramps.
I'm going to bed!!!


mom2nji said...

I am really sorry for the loss of your poor pretty kitty!

Julia said...

Terrible! I was about to say when it rains it pours, but that would be only too accurate.

Miriam said...

oh he was lovely... I'm sorry for your loss. Hug your 3 for me... -M