Saturday, March 15, 2008

Did You Know I Had Three Children, Not Just Bucket?

First of all, let me start by saying my boss IS pregnant. I'm very happy for her, but I'm not supposed to say anything. So I figured I'd post it on my blog. Hahaha. Well, she doesn't blog and none of her family or friends would know I'm talking about her, so there. She hasn't even told her own 10 yr old son yet. I feel honored that she told me. Of course, she also tells me she's gassy. Not sure if she just likes to overshare, or what. But yes, I'm happy for her!

Anyway, I was reading over this blog recently, and discovered that I tend to only write about Bucket, which sort of makes me sad. After all, I am a mother to three. Not one. THREE. There are days though, that Bucket feels like three kids wrapped into one. He is quite the challenge. Some days, I am up to the challenge and feel quite successful. Other days, I am quite certain God made a mistake in giving this child to me. I mess up a lot! But my God does not make mistakes, and therefore I know it is right and good that Bucket is with me. I rest in that.

However, tonight I am going to talk about my other two.
Missy is 12 going on 28. She has days when she acts like a toddler, which makes me want to scream. There is nothing quite like seeing your 5 foot tall daughter throwing a temper tantrum or talking in baby talk. Grrrr, pet peeve there. And 5 minutes later, the girl is making dinner and acting mature. Weirdo! She also talks like a valleygirl: "Mom, can I like, go to like, Jennifer's house and like, spend the night?" Like, gag me. Just go. Before I make you read a book on grammar. She loves taco bell, cooking, playing with fashion dolls online, myspace, and rock music. She has days when she's quite the girly girl, then other days when she's outside playing football and she will tackle you and bring you down. She has the most gorgeous hazel/green eyes. They are show stopper eyes. With thick black lashes. She's a mascara commercial waiting to happen. She loves her brothers, but she gets annoyed by them really fast. You can tell she is the only daughter, because she thinks she's a princess. She's terrible at math, and never cleans the kitchen after one of her cooking experiments. I dream about buying her Brillo pads to put in her Christmas stocking and maybe then she'll remember that stuck on tomato sauce is no fun to clean. I love her dearly. I think she's going to end up being a chef or cook of some sort. While I think she's a smartie, I don't see a traditional college in her future. She is not a dedicated student and barely scrapes by in her classes. She's not stupid, just not motivated. I think being a cook will be wonderful for her. It's something that is a good career, especially for the Orlando area where we live. And then if she ever gets married and has children, her cooking skills will be most helpful. I'm very supportive of her going to cooking school, which is the direction she's moving into now. Of course, she is only 12, but sometimes what you think about yourself is 12 is dead on, you know?

Now on to my Tiger. He is a big 10 year old boy. He was my biggest baby, at 8lb 4oz. A wonderful nurser. An Olympic sleeper (still is, to this day.) Also terrible at math (oh, the terrible things I passed on to these poor kids.) One of my favorite things about him, is probably what he hates the most about himself. He is soooo sensitive. Any cross word or mean look will have him in tears instantly. He is the only child who gets pulled in by my guilt trips. He is the child who would find a bird with a broken wing and try to help the bird. Even though he is nearly 5 feet tall and weighs 130 pounds, this one will still climb into my lap and cuddle with me. He likes to wear pajama bottoms as soon as he gets in from school. He's in love with milk and chocolate chip cookies, and will give up cake in order to eat fresh corn on the cob. He likes football but isn't as crazy about baseball. He's growing so fast, that he is wearing a size 10 shoe in mens, and drinks about a half a gallon of milk every day. He loves pizza, burgers, corndogs, and refuses to eat any veggie but corn and carrots. He loves to swim and fish. He loves rock music. I think he will be the first one to get married and make me a grandmother. He has huge round blue eyes, long lashes, and the thickest hair I've ever seen on a white kid. I guess having an older sister makes him more understanding towards girls. I would consider him "a lover not a fighter." I could see him doing what Mr. R and I did all through high school...finding a girl in the 9th grade and dating her the entire four years. He is also a slob no matter how hard I try to teach him to pick up after himself. I refuse to unroll his dirty socks because they're so gross.

So see, I *do* have three children. Just because they don't have autism doesn't mean they don't matter to me, or that I love them any less. All three of my children are wonderful individuals, and I love them all very much.

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