Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Getting Organized

Confession: I LOOOOOVE being organized.
2nd Confession: I struggle with it.

Why the struggle? I have plenty of excuses. I'm tired. I'm busy. The kids keep messing up all the work I do (that part is true, I swear.) I don't have enough space. I can't buy the materials I need to do it properly, so why bother? Paper on the floor is attractive...right? Sigh........

When Mr. R comes home, he promised me that I would finally get my new desk. I've had this one since 2002, and it is literally falling apart. The top drawer where I keep post its, staples, paper clips and tape falls into the part where the filing *should* be. The papers that need to be filed are in a heap on the floor. We have a breakfast nook area that we are using for storage right now. No, I'm not kidding. Its filled with flooring materials, tools, and some kids toys. That is where my new desk area is going to be. It's quite a bit larger than the corner I am tucked into now. Big enough that I am getting an L-shaped desk, instead of this straight one I have now. I'm nerdy enough to admit that I am excited about my desk. The idea of starting over with a new desk, a new part of the house, with better lighting, is exciting to me. And, its closer to the coffee pot! Could life be any better?

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