Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 10 of June Dresses; Igigi!

Guys, I love Igigi.  They have sexy, beautiful, well made clothing for plus size women.  They're also super expensive (totally worth it from what I hear.)  I bought a red lace Igigi top several years ago and love it, so I decided to purchase a dress on eBay in my usual size, 18/20.

It sat.  For more than a year.  Peeps, the dress scared me.  It fit me like a glove, but it was not my usual style, and I felt like the dress was wearing me, instead of me wearing the dress.  That's one of many reasons why I'm glad I'm doing this dress challenge; to see what works and what doesn't.

I'm still not sure if this works.  I'm sure you can tell by my face that I am not convinced.

Igigi raspberry dress, size 18/20, bought on eBay for under $30, bought in 2011.  Target flats, under $10, bought in either 2010 or 2011, I can't remember. pink heart sparkly earrings, 2012.  $14, but I had a gift certificate.

The dress looks wrinkled but I swear it is not.  The dress is a knot front basically to hide the usual tummy trouble spot.  Here is what I like about the dress:  1) the gorgeous saturated raspberry color 2) the knot feature near the tummy 3) the length.  4) the collar/neckline.  Here is what I don't like: 1) The sleeves; accentuating fattest part of my arm, yuk!  2) no darts near the waist  3)  I wish it flared out a bit, sort of to counteract the tighter top.

I will still definitely buy Igigi, but perhaps this one style is not right for me?  I just didn't feel like my normal perky self in this dress.

I call my figure "lumpy hourglass."  Hahahahaha!

Yeah.  I changed into an old skirt and a tank top when I got home.  
So what is the verdict?  Keep or sell?  You decide!


RJ said...

You look so Cute
MAN Every day it seems like your hair is longer lol, wish mine grow that fast

Kelly said...

I really like it. I didn't at all notice the sleeves being unflattering...and then when I read you don't like the sleeves and I looked...I still don't think they are unflattering.

It's a gorgeous color! I think a chunky short necklace would look great with it, and draw the eye up to your pretty face, too.

I always wanted to buy from igigi, but wow were they pricey. But I would drool over their dresses all of the time. I never thought to check ebay lol.

D'Rae N said...

My thought is that if you don't really like it or feel comfortable in it, you won't wear it that often if ever. I'd eBay it ir give it away and find another one in a different style. That color is gorgeous though and the dress does look good on you.

Sarah R said...

RJ: my hair grows super duper fast! That's why it doesn't scare me to cut my hair. If I don't like it, it'll grow back to my shoulders in less than 6 months.

Kelly: Maybe if I start working out on my upper body, the sleeves will fit better! And boy, I do love the color. And you're right. I should have added a necklace. Always check eBay! They have it all!

D'Rae: part of the reason why I was uncomfortable was also the heat. It was 96 today. I think I'll save it for a bit and try again when the weather cools down. I hate to give up the dress; I love it on the hanger, I love the color. I want it to work!

Katie- Hems for Her said...

I think this is a great dress. I love the interesting details and the color. I think you are being to hard on yourself!